The Logistics Support Service (LSS) originally established in the year 1958 named as the Philippine Constabulary Central Supply Point. Later in 1963, pursuant to General Order Nr. 155 Headquarters Philippine Constabulary (HPC) the name was changed to Philippine Constabulary Support Group (PCSG). Years later, it was renamed as Philippine Constabulary Logistics Unit (PCLU) with the primary function of procurement of supplies and maintenance of all equipment.

Upon the Issuance of GHQ AFP G.O. Nr. 3339, on May 4, 1978, the Philippine Constabulary Support Command (COSCOM) was established.

Two (2) months after, July 7, 1978, during the integration of the Philippine Constabulary and the Integrated National Police, G.O. 3146 was issued, the COSCOM then became the Philippine Constabulary / Integrated National Police (PC / INP) Support Command.

With the creation of the PNP in the year 1991, G.O. No. 356 dated January 16, 1991 was issued deactivating the PC / INP Support Command and gave rise to the Logistics Support Command (LSC) as one of the PNP Administrative Support Units.

On July 31, 1996, NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 96-058 was signed renaming the Logistics Support Command intoPhilippine National Police Logistics Support Service (PNP-LSS).