May 4, 2020

NHQ PNP Building
Camp PBGen Rafael T Crame
Quezon City

Today, CPNP PGEN ARCHIE FRANCISCO FERANIL GAMBOA received disinfecting agents and cup noodles from Emdee Chem Marketing Group Corporation and PNPA Class 1989 (Tagabuklod Class) infront of NHQ PNP Admin building witnessed by the Director for Logistics, PMGEN EDWIN CAJUMBAN ROQUE, the Director of the Logistics Support Service, PBGEN PASCUAL GRAGEDA MUNOZ, JR and other PNP senior officers.

We would like to thank the Emdee Chem and Marketing Group represented by Mr Teofilo Villamar and Mr Herbert Antonio S. Martinez were both honorary member of PNPA Class 1989 for their support. You really give to inspire others to give and not just giving to get. The CPNP said, “may this selfless act inspire others,’particularly companies, businesses, institutions, organizations, groups and individuals who are affluent or in better social standing to help goverment, our frontliners as well as majority of our countrymen who are underprivileged, marginalized and displaced daily wage earners to sustain the impact of this pandemic not only to their health but also to their economic and financial survival.”

The PNP leadership is open to all possible means to mitigate the continued proliferation of COVID cases among our law enforcers — the country’s last line of defense in maintaining order amidst our fight against this contagion.